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US-421081-A: Galvanic battery patent, US-426236-A: Fruit and vegetable pulp machine patent, US-436302-A: Charles b patent, US-440230-A: Johann kreyczik patent, US-441327-A: Water-locomotive patent, US-442248-A: dtjrb patent, US-4429757-A: Weighing apparatus including a sectional yoke member patent, US-4429887-A: 4-Jaw work holding lathe chuck patent, US-4435132-A: Submersible pumping system patent, US-4436227-A: Pump and tap assembly for beverage containers patent, US-44877-A: Improved steam-generator patent, US-453767-A: Tool for cutting holes and washers patent, US-453799-A: Fertilizer-distributer patent, US-455593-A: Machine for forming fan tail axles patent, US-461653-A: Alwin von auw patent, US-462399-A: Lock-rail joint patent, US-463420-A: Coupling for electric wires patent, US-465198-A: Elevator and conveyer patent, US-468051-A: bollentin patent, US-469572-A: Elevator for self-binders patent, US-470969-A: Type-writing machine patent, US-47201-A: Kingston goddaed patent, US-472661-A: Edwin h patent, US-474183-A: Clutch patent, US-479207-A: Shade for incandescent electric lamps patent, US-482568-A: bigland patent, US-485687-A: Washing-machine patent, US-488835-A: Electric patent, US-489385-A: meily patent, US-490802-A: Lemon-squeezer patent, US-497759-A: Mouth-whistle patent, US-498477-A: Flexible shutter patent, US-503874-A: Freight-car patent, US-505341-A: Sash-fastener patent, US-507450-A: Skewer-puller patent, US-507614-A: Hill-plow patent, US-508007-A: Boiler attachment patent, US-509134-A: Albert meyer patent, US-512010-A: Pumping-engine patent, US-512620-A: George w patent, US-5176537-B1: Metal terminal retaining construction patent, US-521940-A: Potato-digger patent, US-523164-A: And robert lundell patent, US-526135-A: Abraham l patent, US-528880-A: Railway-switch and locomotive attachment for operating same patent, US-53341-A: Improvement in self-stopping pulleys patent, US-537358-A: Electric-battery system patent, US-538809-A: Benjamin wolhaupter patent, US-539856-A: Forming-machine patent, US-540438-A: Machine for trimming patent, US-545529-A: Oscillating seat for reapers patent, US-547513-A: Chell patent, US-555461-A: Machine for sifting and sorting flour patent, US-563618-A: Of highland patent, US-573531-A: Elevator patent, US-587264-A: Lubricator patent, US-592958-A: Syrup-dispensing apparatus for aerated waters patent, US-593760-A: Governor patent, US-596386-A: Ibis peters co patent, US-596693-A: Daniel w patent, US-6039919-A: High corrosion resisting alloy for diesel engine valve patent, US-604084-A: Spscijicasjqn patent, US-60465-A: weston patent, US-60691-A: Chaeles clifton patent, US-610312-A: Self-cleaning stand-boiler patent, US-618330-A: Bicycle patent, US-620020-A: oavies patent, US-621962-A: denayrouze patent, US-622988-A: Street-railway track patent, US-624313-A: Thread-box patent, US-627352-A: Harness patent, US-629212-A: Napkin-holder. patent, US-630130-A: Mechanism for operating bilge-pumps. patent, US-631834-A: Combined pencil holder and sharpener. patent, US-631924-A: Thread-controlling mechanism for sewing-machines. patent, US-632072-A: Tool for farriers' use. patent, US-638852-A: Basket-making machine. patent, US-640171-A: Box-machine. patent, US-643903-A: Fence-machine. patent, US-654732-A: Wrapper. patent, US-65786-A: William adamson patent, US-658120-A: Concentrator. patent, US-658847-A: Sash-lock. patent, US-661035-A: Box-lid holder. patent, US-661608-A: Portiere. patent, US-673816-A: Can. patent, US-674716-A: Rotary engine. patent, US-676509-A: Attachment for knockdown furniture. patent, US-676810-A: Garment-fastener. patent, US-3767435-A: Rapid hardening portland cement clinker composition patent, US-3770253-A: Truck mounted telescopable conveyor system and method of stowing same patent, US-3824543-A: Digital data interchange circuit for a multiplexer/demultiplexer patent, US-3850029-A: Apparatus for measuring the compressibility of cigarettes and the like patent, US-3858873-A: Weight lifting exercising devices patent, US-3866153-A: Ultra low diffraction loss substrate members for acoustic surface wave devices patent, US-3883644-A: Aluminum hydride patent, US-3920707-A: Certain 3-substituted amino alkoxy benzoyl-2-lower alkyl or 2-cycloalkyl benzofurans patent, US-3936478-A: Process for the preparation of desmosterol derivatives patent, US-3937406-A: Agitator mill patent, US-3964929-A: Fuel cell cooling system with shunt current protection patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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